Squee Day

At last I’m allowed to tell…

Solaris Press will be releasing The King’s Man on December 6th!

This book grew from something a friend said to me. She refused to believe that Garzik was dead and, when I looked into it, she was right. I realised there was a whole story waiting to be told, Garzik’s story, one that Byren, Piro, Fyn and Orrade didn’t know about.

Not yet, anyway. At the moment I’m writing KRK book four where all the threads of the narrative will join together in a thrilling, roller coaster of an ending with explosions and betrayal, sacrifice and heroism. (Well, maybe not explosions).



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  1. Richard

    Gosh … Only 6 more sleeps 😉

    • admin

      LOL, Richard. It’s a while since I heard that one. All my kids are big now.

      • Richard

        My oldest just finished Grade 12 this year (quite likely to be at Qantm next year doing programming). Youngest is going into Grade 10, but can’t wait to go to London and study FX Makeup. They do grow up too fast 🙁

        • admin

          Yes. My youngest finished year twelve and is waiting to see if he gets into the UNI course of his choice. And child number 5 who deferred this year, will be back at Qantm next year.

  2. Bryek

    Awesome book! Everything I have read that you have written is just too good and you are not as well known as I would like! Wonder if I can convince the Sword and Lazer to interview you! Hahaha hope thats alight? Donno if it would ever happen but it would be awesome! I’ve been giving your books to everyone I know. Rhanks for writing such awesome books! I can’t wait until book four is released! Gah after reading the ebook I am considering buying KRK as ebooks seeing as my real books are back home…

    Ps if this gets posted twice uts because I am using my phone and the first one said it failed to load.

    • admin

      It did post twice, so I deleted one.

      Glad you enjoy my writing, Bryek and a REALLY BIG thank you for recommending my books to your friends. That is the best possible thing you can do for me as a writer (hope to quit my day job and write full time one day!). I’m much more likely to read a book recommended by a friend.

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