Craft of Writing

Back in 2001 Marianne and I started the ROR writing group to help us grow as writers. Thanks to them I stay sane. We meet every year or so to critique each other’s WIPs (Work In Progress).


See below on the right for a list of writing craft related posts. If you have any queries about the craft or the business, leave a comment below and the ROR team can tackle your curly question.

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  3. Dear Rowena,
    So much information on one page! I feel I have hit the jackpot.
    I am a female fantasy writer from far north Queensland, having recently selfpublished a supernatural fantasy book called ‘Arrival’. The novel is an Amanda Quick style meets Carlos Casteneda type of book – would you consider reviewing it? I value your judgement highly. and crave your world of contacts!
    The book is for sale on Xlibris at; but of course I would be more than happy to forward you a copy – I know you must get many such requests – but I promise this book is more than a little different from the rest. I know everyone says that, but this time it is true. Please check out my website if you are looking for a refreshing change from a local female voice.
    Yours sincerely,
    Bey-Alyssonne Gaunt

    • Hi Bey-Alyssonne,

      Thanks.I hope the advice is useful for writers. I’m learning al lthe time.

      I’m just so overwhelmed with work and writing, I’m not in a position to review. Best of luck withyour writing.

      Cheers, Rowena

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  5. Thanks for providing so many wonderful articles. I know what I’ll be reading today ^_^

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