Legends 2 Launched

Legends 2, the anthology in honour of David Gemmell, has been launched. Here are some of the authors at Nine Worlds signing books. (Ian Whates, Stan Nicholls, John Gwynne, Ed Cox, Gav Thorpe, and Gavin Smith).


Meanwhile, across the seas in Australia, I’ll be waiting for my author copies to make their way to my front door.

There are some good reviews up on Amazon already. I notice one of the reviewers mentions that they would like the stories to be longer. Writing fantasy in the short story format is really difficult. You need to give enough background and set up the world, while revealing character and motivation yet still drive the narrative forward. Parring back my story to the right length was a challenge.


I was chuffed to be asked to contribute and am honoured to be in such good company. Look out for a copy of Legends 2.



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  1. Naomi Woods

    Hello and Good Evening to you. I’ve purchased and read the three Fair Isle books, The Outcast Chronicles and the four books on King Rolen’s Kin. I really want there to be a fourth and more books on the Outcast Chronicles. Too many threads left hanging. I really hated that Byren couldn’t marry his mountain girl but I hope Florin is very happy and Orrie too. Can you tell me if you plan any more books in Outcast or the Kin series?

    • admin

      Hi Naomi,

      I’m glad you enjoyed both KRK and the OC. I have further books planned and some written in rough draft. I do hope to come back to both these series.

      Cheers, Rowena

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