Cats and Writers…

I don’t think I will become the mad cat lady but…

Sat down to work and opened up the top drawer to get something, then turned around to find Sassy cat had decided the desk drawer was hers.

What? I was just getting comfortable.

A moment later…

If you don’t mind, I’ll get back to my nap.

Cats and writers. Did you know that cuddling a purring cat lowers blood pressure?


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5 Responses to Cats and Writers…

  1. seantheblogonaut

    We are all mad for having them in the first place. :)

  2. I have two persians, Tinkerbell and Rapaftie. They lie beside me when I write. It is very calming but I sense that they are checking up on me.
    ‘Is she really writing or what?’

    • admin

      Magna, I only have to get up from my work chair for one of the cats to claim it. The other one likes to sleep on the printer. It’s warm and it hums…. :->

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