The Eagle Has Landed!

My copies of Beseiged have arrived!

Why is it that books only seem real when you hold them in your hand? Besieged is bigger than I expected. The cover looks lovely. Solaris have done something with the figure on the front so that it is shiny on a matt background.

Here are the books on the kitchen bench, leaning up against the retro toaster and kettle, the kids bought me for my birthday.Β  The ‘ghost who walks’ is Monie. He’s part Russian blue and and likes to inspect things. Just as I took the picture he heard a noise by the door.

And here are the books on my office shelf with King Rolen’s Kin. But I think I’ll move them down a row,when I get the other two Outcast Chronicle books, so I can put all three books in a line.

That’s my news for today. Now I have to package up the books to send off to reviewers and people who have won give-away competitions. In no time at all they’ll be gone – hopefully to people who will enjoy them!


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12 Responses to The Eagle Has Landed!

  1. So happy for you!, congrats. Now, on to get my copy..!!

  2. melissa May

    Look`s amazing Rowena !

  3. Mary Preston


    • Have just packaged up 8 copies off to book give-away winners and reviewers. Now I have to order copies from Solaris.

      Not complaining, just saying. Only got hold onto them for one night before I sent the books out into the big wide world!

  4. Well, even though they only made a brief visit, they look GREAT. Congratulations (again, o prolific one!) Rowena πŸ™‚

  5. Good to know that Monie was protecting the booty before you sent it back out into the Big Wide World. My copy of Beseiged just arrived in Bundaberg so they can order it in pretty quickly – even in the sticks. (Not that Bundaberg is the sticks, we’re full of golden beaches and lush green…)

  6. seantheblogonaut

    Woohoo, must be such a relief to have them finally.

  7. They look great πŸ™‚ And kitty seems happy too (well the little I see πŸ˜‰

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