Just had to share this…

My son sent me this and I just had to share it:

I don’t know who produced it- looks like a college for creative students, the writing is too small – but I’d like to thank them.

The same could be said of writing…

It starts with a love of books,

soon they’re spending time at the library and bookstores searching for favourite authors to get their fix.

Before you know it, a simple love of books turns into…

scribbling poetry when no one’s looking and…

then their first short story. Some skip this stage and go straight to…

books. The worst genre is Fantasy. Writers have been known to create whole series of books set in secondary worlds.

Completely divorced from reality, these poor writers say their characters take over and refuse to do what they’re told!

Very sad. You have been warned.


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6 Responses to Just had to share this…

  1. Mary Preston

    Thank you!! So glad you shared. My daughter has been known to doodle. The warning signs are there. Still smiling.

  2. Really cool post ;D I paint and draw too and ‘worst’ of all is that I have the love of books you mention! lol I hope to someday start writing 🙂

  3. LOL, Rowena. thanks for sharing.

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