How cool is this?

My Dh had finished the trailer for The Outcast Chronicles. Ta Da!


I’m going to interview him in a couple of weeks about putting the trailer together, so if you have any questions, drop them in the comments.


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12 Responses to How cool is this?

  1. 210Darryl

    Wow…very cool.

  2. Oh, mega, mega cool. Loved it!

  3. That is seriously cool. I mean, you’ve been lucky to have excessively cool cover artwork in the first place for him to riff off, but the 3D effects and animation added on is really smooth and professional. Somebody hire that man to make the opening credits when they make a Game-Of-Thrones-Like series out of your books!!!

  4. Rhonda Roberts

    ‘Three months – a whole world.’ Wonderful one liner there Rowena! Up there with ‘I’ll be back.’ 🙂

  5. seantheblogonaut

    You both deserve a beer/wine or two

  6. Melissa May

    very very cooool .Or my kid`s would say way cool !

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