Who wants a little boredom????

Okay, who wants a little boredom?

I’d like there to be days when nothing unexpected happens. No more excitement, no cars breaking down, no hot water systems blowing up and definitely no children being mugged and bashed (he’s OK).

I’d like to be able to get up, do all the stuff that needs to be done to run a large family and meet my obligations, and then have the mental space to let story ideas brew.

I think you need a bit of boredom for creativity to happen. Sure, you input stimulus, you read true-life accounts, read history, listen to people talk etc, but there has to be this quiet time, when it all just simmers away in your brain making connections and suddenly, out of the blue (or gold) there’s this idea that just demands to be written.

So, yeah, I want a little boredom. I think it’s good for creativity. Remember when you were a kid and your summer holiday stretched for ever?

I want that feeling back again.


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2 Responses to Who wants a little boredom????

  1. I do! I would like to press the pause button at times. Anyone know where that is? :)

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