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Anyone interested in writing for computer games?

Over at the ROR blog the Sunday Writing Craft post is a Beginner’s Guide to Writing for Games. It’s a two-parter with the second half being posted on Tuesday.

And this scary little girl is one of the ‘little sisters’ from Bioshock 2. The design of the game is very retro 1930s. I love the look of this period,  everything from Art Nouveau to Art Deco.

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Interested in Writing for Computer Games?

In my other life I teach at a computer games college and one of teachers writes story for games. In this post they talk about the challenge of incorporating story into games.  They discusses when to bring a writer into the development of a game and what they can achieve.

‘This may not be a surprise to any of you.  I’ve worked in games for so long that writing only using dialogue seems natural, as I’m usually asked to wrap things up once the game is content-complete.  That means there’s no provision for a little extra asset that would make all the difference and save a tonne of dialogue.’

Writing for games, anyone interested?


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