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Kings, Five of a kind!

Over at the SOLARIS blog they are doing a give-away.

‘In honour of the releases of Paul Kearney‘s The Monarchies of God omnibuses (Hawkwood and the Kings, out now, and Century of the Soldier, due out next month) and Rowena Cory Daniells‘ The Chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin trilogy (The King’s Bastard and The Uncrowned King, out now, and The Usurper, due out next month), we’re holding an all-kings-themed competition.’

All you have to do is name your favourite king. So drop over and try your luck!

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The Uncrowned King doing well …

This is Sassy cat inspecting my advance copies of KRK book two.

The Uncrowned King – I love this cover

Now I’m doing the happy dance.  KRK book 2 – The Uncrowned King is number 6 on Galaxy Books Best seller list.

This is Sydney’s specialist spec fic bookstore, so I’m over the moon. Thanks to the guys at Galaxy!


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Advance copies of KRK book two

Came home from work yesterday to find a big package. Advance copies of KRK book two have arrived.  YAY!

Naturally, Sassy cat had to investigate.

Of all the KRK books this cover is my favourite. It’s so rich and lush. Exotic. Kudos to Clint Langley for the excellent job he did on the whole series.

I have a couple of friend who I’ve promised copies, so now I can pass these along.

Meanwhile, you’ve heard of the cat in the hat, well, meet the cat in the bag.  She likes to climb inside things and curl up asleep. I’ve gone to clear a shopping bag off the table only to discover her curled up inside asleep!


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