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SF TV Show Nerd Alert

This is a post for all the ultra SF TV Show nerds out there.  Now I’ve watched a lot of SF TV. Blakes 7, anyone? But I haven’t seen all of these 10 Unexpectedly Funny TV episodes . They are here.

I’ve seen the Buffy episode where Zander wants Cordelia to love him and accidentaly makes every woman love him. (There are so many good Buffy episodes, it is hard to pick one. Anything with Spike in it has classic moments).

This Angel episode where he gets turned into a muppet and has to fight evil in this form was brilliant.

And I’ve seen the Star Trek episode with the tribbles. This dates from a time when TV (and society) took itself way too seriously, so it was a welcome surprise.

Which means I have another 7 SF TV series to watch before I can really appreciate the funny episodes, because you have to know the characters to get the humour.

How many of these funny episodes have you seen?


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Conquest … (cue the suitably dramatic music)

In October I will be  a guest at the Conquest 2010 Convention. For info on Conquest see here.

There will be:

  • Fan Auction
  • Panels
  • Discussions
  • Competitions
  • On-the-Spot Quizzes and Prizes
  • Separate Dealers’ Room
  • Saturday Night Dinner Event

And for those of you who were at the World Con panel on Pitching and asked when I was doing a workshop, I will be running one on the Sunday at 2pm. So feel free to rock up.

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