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Reader reaching out…

I love the way the internet puts writers in touch with readers. Today Bob from Beauty in Ruins review blog sent me this!

He’s sitting on the edge of a lake somewhere reading book three of KRK. Go for it Bob. Wish I was doing the same thing!


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A question for fantasy lovers…

I’ve had someone ask –  if they liked King Rolen’s Kin, what should they read next.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to ask readers for their opnion so I’m throwing it open to you.

What authors/fantasy trilogies would you recommend for someone who loved the KRK trilogy?


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KRK Boxed e-book set…

It’s baaaack…

The ‘boxed’ King Rolen’s Kin trilogy is back as an e-book deal. Looks really cool as a virtual boxed set, Tadaaa!

(Available here)


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More Bookplate Pretties!

or Fun with Photoshop!

I’ve been playing around with the covers of my books creating bookplates. The ones I did for King Rolen’s Kin have been really popular and I’ve gone through almost 2000 bookplates. Some I signed and sent to my publisher in the UK, others I signed on the spot at Supanovas around Australia. Here’s the King Rolen’s Kin bookplate.

And since The Outcast Chronicles will be coming out next year, I’ve created bookplates for them as well. Honestly, the covers Clint did were so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist, I had to do 3 bookplates!

I couldn’t forget my paranormal-crime book that’s coming out from ClanDestine Press in March next year. Here’s the bookplate for Price of Fame.

They should all the be printed in for Supanova in Brisbane Nov 4-6th. I’ll have my new bookmarks as well.

No excuse, just wanted to show off my pretties!


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You know you’ve made it when …

You know you’ve made it when your books get sold in a boxed set, so you can imagine my excitement when I opened an email from my publisher that said King Rolen’s Kin Bundle, with this beautiful graphic!


It was only on closer reading that I realised they meant an E-Book Bundle.

So if you are into E-Books and you think $14.67 for the trilogy is a good price. Here’s the link.

And maybe one day, they’ll do a boxed set of my books. <grin>



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Doing the Happy Dance!

Have you ever had a day where you left home on a 7am train, worked flat out all day, got home by 7pm exhausted and drained,  and then opened your email and found this:

The King’s Bastard has gone into its 4th reprint!

No wonder I’m doing the happy dance. For those of you who might be wondering here are the KRK  covers and for more info on the trilogy see King Rolen’s Kin.

Available in paperback and kindle from Amazon and all good bookstores.

(If you live in Australia you need to go to a specialist bookstore or order it in. But then we all want to support specialist bookstores, don’t we? Makes us feel virtuous).

I’d like to send a really big thank you to the readers who’ve enjoyed KRK and told their friends. I get emails every week from people asking where KRK book 4 is or where the next KRK trilogy is. I’m in the throes of writing the new trilogy right now. Just wish I could give up the day job to concentrate on it, but then all writers feel that way.

And if that wasn’t enough there’ve been some very nice comments on the covers for The Outcast Chronicles (here, many thanks to Magemanda!). Kudos must go to Solaris for choosing Clint Langley as the artist for both these trilogies and to Clint for the amazing work he’s done.

And here they are:

All in all, this was a very nice surprise to come home to!


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Writing Update …

Over on the RWA blog Dark Side Downunder, I’ve been interviewed by Eleni. If you hope to write paranormal romance, this group are a great bunch, very supportive and lots of fun!

What am I doing right now? Sitting over my keyboard, writing the new KRK trilogy, while nursing a cold, wearing hobo gloves to keep warm. I have cups of hot tea and a box of tissues to help me get through the day. This is the not so glamorous side of a writer’s life.

You’ve heard the saying The Show must go on. Well, with we writers, The Book must go on!


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Brain Fry!

There they are, the three covers of The Outcast Chronicles. Big thanks to Solaris and Clint Langley for producing such beautiful covers.

It is the end of May (I know there’s a couple of days left, but I go back to work on Monday, so I only have tomorrow). Now I have to hand in the trilogy. It’s been a long journey. I began the first draft almost ten years ago. There was a rewrite the year I did my Masters and took the first book to ROR. The books have evolved and grown, especially in the last year when I’ve been working on them every spare moment.

What does it feel like to hand in a trilogy that you’ve poured your heart and soul into?


My brain is officially fried. (See my 5 stages of writing a book on the Mad Genius Club Blog). I would need to put the trilogy away for at least month then read it from beginning to end before I could even contemplate doing anything more to it.  Since I could go on tweaking for ever and I have the end of May as my deadline it is now time to stop.

Take a deep breath, step away from the trilogy … and turn to face the new King Rolen’s Kin trilogy. What wonderful ideas I have for testing Byren, Orrie, Fyn and Piro!


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King Rolen’s Kin spotted Sweden!

Kaia tells me there are around 3 spec fic shops in all of Sweden and she managed to snap this  at SFBOK. Thanks for the support guys!  (Kudos to all the specialist bookstores).

And thanks to the lovely Kaia for letting me know!


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Bookmark luvlies!

I have permission from Solaris to use some of the artwork for the new trilogy on bookmarks.  I’ll be sending them off to the printer soon, so here they are, sides one and two.

King Rolen’s Kin and The Outcast Chronicles.

Now you can see why I’m so excited about the covers for The Outcast Chronicles. Clint Langley has outdone himself. Again!


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