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Back from Brisbane Supanova

Well, I’m back from Supanova and I’ve almost had a chance to catch my breath after working all day.

So many wonderful costumes, so many enthusiastic genre fans. Here we are in Artist’s Alley: Joe Abercrombie, Alison Goodman who had just launched her new book with ClanDestine Press, and Lindy Cameron her publisher and me.

Kudos to the hardworking team at Supanova. It is amazing how busy it gets, how long the queues are, how much noise there is and yet no one has a meltdown. In fact you see grown-ups jumping up and down in excitement.

I caught up with so many readers. A special Hi goes out to Meghan, who started a book club and got all her friends to read my King Rolen’s Kin trilogy. Thank you!


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Genre Con, until next year…

The Genre Con panels and workshops were great, all aimed at published authors either dealing with the craft or the industry. (I made lots of notes). But the best thing for me was catching up with my writing friends.

The purpose of the con, to cross-pollinate between the genres, is something I’ve been doing for the last 20  years, having been a published across the genres from children’s fiction (around 30 books from early readers through to YA),  romance (fantasy-romance), SF and F (Fantasy novels, Sf and Horror short stories), and crime (paranormal-crime).  So I was madly introducing people and making new friends.

Here I am with PM Newton. Pam was on the World Building Panel which I chaired, along with Anna Campbell and Joe Abercrombie. (There was much laughter and some blushing due to Anna’s suggestion regarding Mr Darcy).

So I’m looking forward to Genre Con next year.


PM Newton and RC Daniells (Photo Courtesy Cheryse Durant, fantasy author)

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Fan-girl Squeee

This weekend I’m going to Genre Con, which is a wonderful excuse to catch up with my writing friend and talk about the craft of writing.

There’s Pitching Opportunities. And here’s a link with info about the program. But the reason I’m doing a Fan-girl Squee is because I’m chairing a panel with Special Guests Anna Campbell, PM Newton and Joe Abercrombie. And Joe Abercrombie just emailed me!

Somehow I must maintain my cool, be very professional and chair a great panel on World Building. To prepare for the panel in the last few weeks I’ve read  Anna Campbell’s My Reckless Surrender (historical romance), PM Newton’s The Old School (crime) and I’ve just downloaded Joe Abercombie’s Red Country (dark fantasy meets western).



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Extreme Nerd Alert

I have already confessed to using Lord of the Rings as my comfort movie, when I’m too sick to think straight or I just want to ‘vege’ out on the couch.

The other day at work, Brendan put me onto DM of the Rings. Now if you have ever read LOTR, or seen the movie and you’ve played D&D, then you will love this comic.

Created by Shamus Young, a software engineer and D&D player, the premise of the comic is — What would really happen if Tolkien had been a Dungeon Master, trying to get his friends to play his story as a D&D game?

The characters spend their time looking for loot and fights, or trying to seduce attactive passing females. Having had the experience of working with a lot of young males on their stories, this strikes me as pretty accurate.

Which raises the question, are our fantasy novel about honourable heroes way off the mark? Has Joe Abercrombie got it right with his disreptuable characters, who are all out to get what they can? Do we want more realistic fantasy books?

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