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Doing the Happy Dance!

You know how writers labour away for years in back rooms writing books, throwing their whole heart into these series, never knowing if anyone will read their stories?

Well,  every once in while the fates of publishing smile on the struggling author  and  these series do sell. This is one of those days. So I’m definitely Doing the Happy Dance!

Solaris have bought my First T’En trilogy.

Book one:
This series follows the fate of a tribe of  mystics, the T’Enatuath. Vastly outnumbered by people without magical abilities, the mystics are persecuted because ordinary people fear their gifts.

This persecution culminates in a bloody pogrom sanctioned by the King who lays siege to the Celestial City, last bastion of the T’Enatuath.

A fantasy-family saga, the characters are linked by blood, love and vows as they struggle with misplaced loyalties, over-riding ambition and hidden secrets which could destroy them. Some make desperate alliances only to suffer betrayal from those they trust, and some discover great personal strength in times of adversity.

You know how to fall in love with your characters?  I fell in love with these people.  I’m over the moon now that the trilogy has sold!


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