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Book Three Cover pretties!

This is the cover of book three of my new trilogy The Outcast Chronicles. With thanks for Clint Langley the artist and Solaris, the publisher.

I think Clint has outdone himself with the covers for this trilogy. He’s captured the feel of the series – richly beautiful, with loads of  intrigue and danger!

Now I really hope the books live up to these wonderful covers.


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Doing the fun stuff…

Much of a writer’s life is spent slogging away over a keyboard, fighting for inspiration and the time to get the story down.  But the last couple of days I’ve been doing the fun stuff. My publisher, Solaris, has asked me to come up with ideas for the covers of the new series called:

The Outcast Chronicles

This means I get to pull out my Resonance File and go through it, putting together a page of visuals for the setting, another one for the way people dress and a couple of pages on the main characters. Then I do a brief background on the series and the characters, and finally I do a page on my vision for the series’ covers.

Eventually, I’ll put together an inspiration page on The Outcast Chronicles, as I did for King Rolen’s Kin. For now, this is my collage of images:

I’m very lucky really.  Most writers don’t get this much input into their covers. Of course, once I hand the Resonance File over, it is in the lap of the publishers and the cover artist. Clint Langley did a wonderful job on the KRK book covers, so I’m hoping for him again.

Meanwhile, there’s a  give away of KRK book one The King’s Bastard on Dave Brendon’s blog.


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