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Outcast Chronicles covers nominated for the Gemmell Cover Award

Kudos to Solaris for choosing Clint Langley to do the covers and mega kudos to Clint for the wonderful job he did on these books!

3covers72dpi copy

As they say on the David Gemmell Page:

‘The Ravenheart Award is to celebrate the hard working artists of the fantasy genre, whose covers tantalise and enchant readers. The award is open for any Fantasy book published in English in the year of nomination with the winner being crowned ‘Ravenheart Fantasy Artist of the Year’ for their work. With so many hours of hard work put into the book jackets that help make a title so special we felt that the artists deserve to be recognised.’

So if you thought Clint tantalised and enchanted readers with these covers, then please drop by (here’s the link) and vote for him! All three covers have been nominated which is a bit of a pity as it will split the vote, but perhaps they’ll add all the votes for Clint and put them in one pile. I voted for Besieged.


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More cover pretties!

After last week, when I posted the cover of book one of The Outcast Chronicles with a typo in the title, I thought I’d better check the lettering on book two. Here it is.

Can’t spot any typos myself, but then I have a background in graphic art so I tend to see design, not words. I think the cover fairies have been kind to me again. What do you think?

Thanks to Clint Langley for his great work and thanks to Solaris for using him to do the covers!


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Book Cover Pretties

As you may have noticed, I’ve spent my Saturday night revamping my web site and my blog. Ooooh we writer lead exciting lives!

And now it is time to reveal the cover of book one of my new series. A big thank you goes out to Solaris Press for engaging the wonderful Clint Langley to do the covers again. (Clint will be appearing here in an interview, when he finally gets around to answering my questions).

Here it is: Besieged, Book One of The Outcast Chronicles

No, you are not going crazy, this is the version with the corrected spelling!

UPDATE: And as the wonderful Tansy Rayner Roberts just pointed out, there is a typo in the title, which I didn’t see because I was looking at the design, coming from a graphic art background. Don’t worry, this will be fixed.


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