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Doing the Happy Dance!

Have you ever had a day where you left home on a 7am train, worked flat out all day, got home by 7pm exhausted and drained,  and then opened your email and found this:

The King’s Bastard has gone into its 4th reprint!

No wonder I’m doing the happy dance. For those of you who might be wondering here are the KRK  covers and for more info on the trilogy see King Rolen’s Kin.

Available in paperback and kindle from Amazon and all good bookstores.

(If you live in Australia you need to go to a specialist bookstore or order it in. But then we all want to support specialist bookstores, don’t we? Makes us feel virtuous).

I’d like to send a really big thank you to the readers who’ve enjoyed KRK and told their friends. I get emails every week from people asking where KRK book 4 is or where the next KRK trilogy is. I’m in the throes of writing the new trilogy right now. Just wish I could give up the day job to concentrate on it, but then all writers feel that way.

And if that wasn’t enough there’ve been some very nice comments on the covers for The Outcast Chronicles (here, many thanks to Magemanda!). Kudos must go to Solaris for choosing Clint Langley as the artist for both these trilogies and to Clint for the amazing work he’s done.

And here they are:

All in all, this was a very nice surprise to come home to!


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Back from Sydney Supanova

This time last week I was sitting at the Dymock’s store at Supanova surrounded by wonderful costumes and fellow writers trying desperately to talk. I have my voice back, but I’m still suffering with the ‘flu. Can’t hear properly and it’s been almost a week since I flew home. Here I am with my amazing pull-up behind me. Clint Langley‘s artwork came up really well. Made people stop and take a second look

Was wonderful to catch up with Marianne de Pierres, Alison Goodman, Kate Forsyth and Jennifer Fallon. Also met up with Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, who I’d met at the Brisbane Writers Festival a couple of years ago. It is nice to get away with fellow writers and talk shop, everything from career moves and publishing industry to writing craft. Although I didn’t do much talking. Very frustrating. Here we are all lined up for the obligatory photo with the storm troopers!

You couldn’t be bored. There were comic artists, manga artists and lots of amazing costumes. People who’d bought the KRK trilogy at other Supanovas came by to chat.

One girl told me, I bought your books in Melbourne. You said they’d keep me up all night and I thought you were just saying that, but they did. I finished all three in three days!

I wonder if she got any sleep.

The nice thing about Supanova is that when I was growing up there were hardly any TV shows with a spec fic theme, Lost in Space, I Dream of Jeanie and Bewitched spring to mind. It wasn’t until Star Wars in 1977 that the genre I loved started to become mainstream. Back in those days there was definitely a sense of them and us. We were the fans and everyone else thought we were crazy. Now, every second TV show has elements of paranormal/SF and no one thinks anything of it. So a pop culture event like Supanova can attract crowds of between 10 to 25 thousand. People turn up in costume and they feel like they fit right in.

Thinking of wearing a costume to Supanova? Here’s some inspiration.


Had to miss the Perth Supanova, my work load, the ‘flu and the cost made it impossible, but I’m looking forward to the more Supanovas in future. Maybe I’ll see you there.


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Book Three Cover pretties!

This is the cover of book three of my new trilogy The Outcast Chronicles. With thanks for Clint Langley the artist and Solaris, the publisher.

I think Clint has outdone himself with the covers for this trilogy. He’s captured the feel of the series – richly beautiful, with loads of  intrigue and danger!

Now I really hope the books live up to these wonderful covers.


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More cover pretties!

After last week, when I posted the cover of book one of The Outcast Chronicles with a typo in the title, I thought I’d better check the lettering on book two. Here it is.

Can’t spot any typos myself, but then I have a background in graphic art so I tend to see design, not words. I think the cover fairies have been kind to me again. What do you think?

Thanks to Clint Langley for his great work and thanks to Solaris for using him to do the covers!


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Book Cover Pretties

As you may have noticed, I’ve spent my Saturday night revamping my web site and my blog. Ooooh we writer lead exciting lives!

And now it is time to reveal the cover of book one of my new series. A big thank you goes out to Solaris Press for engaging the wonderful Clint Langley to do the covers again. (Clint will be appearing here in an interview, when he finally gets around to answering my questions).

Here it is: Besieged, Book One of The Outcast Chronicles

No, you are not going crazy, this is the version with the corrected spelling!

UPDATE: And as the wonderful Tansy Rayner Roberts just pointed out, there is a typo in the title, which I didn’t see because I was looking at the design, coming from a graphic art background. Don’t worry, this will be fixed.


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Sharing my Pretties!

Here is my new blog banner for The Outcast Chronicles, taken from one of the covers. You can see why I’m excited. Clint Langley has outdone himself!

To see it in all its glory go here.


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Go Clint!

Kudos to Clint Langley, the cover artist for the KRK trilogy. Clint’s cover for book one ‘The King’s Bastard’ has been nominated for the Ravenheart Award. That’s the cover section of the Gemmell Award. Fingers crossed Clint!


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I woke up the other morning to find an email from my editor at SOLARIS. (They are in the UK and I’m in Australia, so we are like ships that pass in the night). The covers for my trilogy had arrived. And here they are:

The Chronicles of King Rolen's Kin

I was blown away. They are all terrific, but I love the second book with its brilliant red bird. Kudos to Clint Langley the cover artist and to SOLARIS for choosing him.

Having worked as a graphic artist I sometimes buy books just for their covers.  If I saw these in a bookstore I’d pick them up. Have there been covers that made you look twice?


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