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Cat claims Desk, Writer Capitulates

I came into my study to work this morning and found Sassy cat had claimed my desk.

SassyCat_DeskHere she is, sleeping on my notes. This is where I keep my maps, family trees, time lines and list of alliances. So of course that is where she sleeps. She’s keeping company with the two little cat sculptures that sleep on my desk to hold business cards in place. (Thanks Leanne, this is where they ended up!).  And she does go well with the colour scheme, even down to my current desktop theme which is castles of Europe. I use the desk top themes to help me get in the right mood to write about the world of King Rolen’s Kin, with thrones and lives at stake. (It’s pretty hard to think strategic battles and cloaks flying in the wind when it’s 38 degrees with 90% humidity).

So, seeing Sassy cat was happy, I went off to yoga and when I came back she had moved on and I could get to work. I do sometimes work with her beside me. She puts up with me sliding pages out from under her and I put up with sneezing because, wouldn’t you know it, I’m allergic to cats. For several years every time one of my daughters left home and moved into a flat she got a kitten, then she’d move back home with the cat, then she’d moves out and leave the cat with me.

Back to writing…


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Meet Camouflage Cat…

I hate to be a cliche but I’m a writer of fantasy books and I have cats. I was sitting at my computer writing and I heard this soft snuffling behind me. What should I find, but Sassy cat up to her old tricks!

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Cats and Writers…

I don’t think I will become the mad cat lady but…

Sat down to work and opened up the top drawer to get something, then turned around to find Sassy cat had decided the desk drawer was hers.

What? I was just getting comfortable.

A moment later…

If you don’t mind, I’ll get back to my nap.

Cats and writers. Did you know that cuddling a purring cat lowers blood pressure?


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Writers and First-world Problems

This is Sassy cat, who lives up to her name. It’s winter here in Brisbane and my laptop is the perfect place to sleep. The moment I leave the computer to make a cup of tea, she jumps up, adds her on input to the manuscript – a string of gibberish – and makes herself comfortable. She protests when I remove her.

What would writers do without cats?


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