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More Bookplate Pretties!

or Fun with Photoshop!

I’ve been playing around with the covers of my books creating bookplates. The ones I did for King Rolen’s Kin have been really popular and I’ve gone through almost 2000 bookplates. Some I signed and sent to my publisher in the UK, others I signed on the spot at Supanovas around Australia. Here’s the King Rolen’s Kin bookplate.

And since The Outcast Chronicles will be coming out next year, I’ve created bookplates for them as well. Honestly, the covers Clint did were so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist, I had to do 3 bookplates!

I couldn’t forget my paranormal-crime book that’s coming out from ClanDestine Press in March next year. Here’s the bookplate for Price of Fame.

They should all the be printed in for Supanova in Brisbane Nov 4-6th. I’ll have my new bookmarks as well.

No excuse, just wanted to show off my pretties!


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More Bookplates for Friends

The people over at Twelfth Planet Press have produced a lovely anthology of my friend, Marianne de Pierres’ stories called Glitter Rose. So I’ve produced a lovely bookplate for Marianne.

‘The Glitter Rose stories are set against the background of Carmine Island (an island reminiscent of Stradbroke Island, Queensland) where a decade ago spores from deep in the ocean blew in, by a freak of nature, and settled on the island. These spores bring fierce allergies to the inhabitants of the island. And maybe other, more sinister effects. As we follow Tinashi’s journey of moving to and settling into island life, we get a clearer picture of just what is happening on Carmine Island.’

And here is Marianne with her books at World Con.

So if you like surreal sensual stories set in our world with a tiwst, take a look at Marianne’s Glitter Rose.

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Cross Bookplate Pollination!

What is Cross Bookplate Pollination?

I’m glad you asked. It is when I create bookplate for my dear friends and then blog about it.

This one is for Tansy, whose Power and Majesty, book one of Creature Court has just been released. You can read about her launch here. And you can hear podcasts from the book here. Go Tansy.

If you like  Dark Urban Fantasy with a twist, in this case 1920s style combined with Roman festivals and sexy naked men falling from the sky, you’ll like Tansy’s new series.

Having read book one at the last ROR, I’m looking forward to reading book two!

Tomorrow I’ll give you a glimpse of the bookplate I did for Trent’s new series.

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