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Fan-girl Squeee

This weekend I’m going to Genre Con, which is a wonderful excuse to catch up with my writing friend and talk about the craft of writing.

There’s Pitching Opportunities. And here’s a link with info about the program. But the reason I’m doing a Fan-girl Squee is because I’m chairing a panel with Special Guests Anna Campbell, PM Newton and Joe Abercrombie. And Joe Abercrombie just emailed me!

Somehow I must maintain my cool, be very professional and chair a great panel on World Building. To prepare for the panel in the last few weeks I’ve read  Anna Campbell’s My Reckless Surrender (historical romance), PM Newton’s The Old School (crime) and I’ve just downloaded Joe Abercombie’s Red Country (dark fantasy meets western).



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Currently Reading …

I commute to work which is a half hour trip both ways. To save myself from boredom- also to save myself from reading over people’s shoulders as I can’t seem to resist the written word – I bring a book to read.

I’ve always enjoyed Georgette Heyer’s comedy of manners. This series has that sense of fun.

Werewolves, vampires and parasols, oh my!

I watched a documentary recently on the demise of the romance movie. Screenwriters were saying – Where is the romance and sexual tension if the guy and girl can hop into bed on the first date and no one blinks an eye.

In this series there is a great deal of eye blinking going on. I read it on the train and try not to giggle aloud.


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