One thing readers hate is not being able to find a complete list of an author’s published books so here it is, a list of my different series.

Paranormal Crime Books:

The Price of Fame

ClanDestine Press

Fantasy Books:


King Rolen’s Kin trilogy  ( 2010)
 and  King Breaker KRK4

(Currently writing the fourth and last book in the KRK series)

The Outcast Chronicles (2012)


Omnibus edition (March 2015): Fall of Fair Isle (originally printed 1999-2002)


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  1. Darker Grey

    Just finished The Usurper,enough already with teasing us with the possibility of byrrade(Byren+Orrade)we need some full frontal snogging with plenty of tongue or betterr yet a full blown affair(pretty please with cherry on top).please?

  2. Sarah

    Sorry DG but I think it is pretty obvious that Byren isn’t into Orrade like that. If he was I think he would have more personal conflict about his feelings towards Orrade, his sister and of course F. I can’t wait for the second series to come so bring on KRK2!!!!! Any chance of some teasers Ms. Daniells? Something to hold us over?

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  4. dennis

    I loved the outcast chronicles anymore coming???

    • admin

      Hi Dennis, I find the world of the Outcast Chronicles very easy to slip into. I find myself waiting at traffic lights thinking – What will happen to Ronnyn? Will Sorne find happiness. – as if they are my friends.

      We writers are tragic people.

      • dennis

        also how can i get a hold of the last t’en series i cant seem to find them anywhere or the usurper im having no luck

      • Marie Bell

        I have read KRK and loved them so much I read all the Outcast Chronicles. I’m about to start the Fall of Fairisle but would really like to know if there will be another book letting us know what happens to Sorne, Omushen and Ronnyn and Aravelle now they’ve reached a sanctuary which doesn’t appear to be as safe as they’d hoped

        • admin

          Hi Marie,
          Lovely to hear from you and so glad you’ve enjoyed KRK and the OC series.
          I do have plans to find out what happens to these characters. Fingers crossed I will get back to writing this year.
          Cheers Rowena

      • Deb Nilson

        Ha, not so tragic as all us readers. I have just read all your books, back to back over the last few weeks on Kindle. The joy of Kindle is being able to finish a book at 11pm in bed, connect to Amazon and buy the next one (or 3). Joy. Now I am into the 2nd book of Fair Isle and only one to go. Your readers lose themselves in your world too – together we are all tragic yet magnificent readers and writers! LOL

        • admin

          Hi Deb,

          Lovely to hear from you. Like you, I’ve been a dedicated reader for many years and, like you, I’ve found ebooks are a great way to feed my addiction.

          So glad you are enjoying the Fair Isle books.

          Cheers, Rowena

  5. Liz

    I just finished The Outcast Chronicles and I was wondering if there will be anymore books to those. Thanks for your time.

  6. Malini

    Excellent! I was just going to ask the same question: will you be writing a continuation of the Outcast Chronicles.
    I have just finished reading the trilogy, finally, and between this and the original series, I love the world and want more more more 🙂

    • admin

      So you read the original trilogy, Malini? You must have bought copies years ago. It’s sold out now. That’s why I’m re-releasing it.

  7. FyreGarnett

    I haven’t actually read any of your books – I tripped over them the other day at the bookstore, and since I’m on a bit of a limited budget, added them to my list to research when I got home. Which led me here!! (No offense – I know you make money doing this, but I LOVE books – my boyfriend is already gritting his teeth cuz I’m gonna need ANOTHER bookcase… he’s more tolerant of my recent foray into ebooks… go figure! Bottom line – gotta watch the bottom line to buy the couple hundred titles I’m working on acquiring…)

    OK, nuff of that. What I’m curious about – you’ve listed all the books you’ve written – but I’m getting the impression each of the KRK sets are from slightly different time periods – as the author, could you list them both in what you feel the preferred reading order is and (if it’s different) the chronological reading order?


    A Potential New Devotee!! aka FyreGarnett

    • admin

      Hi Fyre,

      This is a really good question, which coincidentally someone on GoodReads just asked me. Both your comments arrived via email at the same time. I’m going to do a ‘flow chart’ of where the different trilogies fit into their world time lines.

      Many thanks for your suggestion.



      PS. if you love reading and know your genre really well, offer to read for an award. I read for Australia’s Aurealis Awards for several years, which was a good way to keep up with what was being published. Another way, it to start a review blog. Authors are always looking for reviewer for their books. Concentrate on the genre you love, put up a few reviews of the books you’ve already read and before long, authors will be beating a path to your blog, offering you books!

  8. T.S. Derricotte

    Hello There Ms. Daniells!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the King Rolen’s Kin series, and am waiting excitedly for the next installment. I especially admired how you’ve developed your characters; both the players and the landscape is so rich and palpable. Any advice on how to flesh out the background of characters without being verbose? I want to give readers an understanding of who my characters are, the land in which they live in, the laws/rules they must abide by, and for it all to make sense but I don’t want them skipping pages waiting for me to in effect, ‘get back to the point’! Thank you!

    • admin

      Hi TS,

      The trick is to keep the narrative driving forward while revealing just enough so that the reader can make sense of what’s going on. I like to use the ’13th Warrior’ technique. (Did you see that move?) You take someone from outside the society and drop them into it and when something strange/different happens they have to ask what’s going on. After all, the locals will all know why we pretend there’s a guy in a red suit with a white beard breaking into houses to leave presents under trees.

      The introduction of a very different society while maintaining narrative drive was very challenging when I wrote The Outcast Chronicles.

      I always come back to: Tell the reader WHAT they NEED to know, WHEN they NEED to know it. I guess the trick is knowing when and what.

      Cheers, Rowena

      PS. There’s a pile of links to writing articles here:

  9. T.S. Derricotte

    Thanks a ton, that was so helpful! I’ll be sure to look at those links on your site…

  10. Just finished reading the Outcast Triology. It was an excellent storyline that had me devouring all three books with excitement and pleasure 🙂 Will there be a fourth Outcast book and how long will the wait be? Cheers and keep up the great work!

    • admin

      Hi Arvek,

      So glad you enjoyed the OC. I’m very attached to this world and these characters and I do plan tow rite more. It will be a matter of juggling my day job and commitments.



  11. Leogryf King!

    Hi, just finished The Usurper and I love the chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin! Can’t wait for KingBreaker to see what happens with Byren and Florin, Fyn and Isolt, Piro and Tyro(?) and all other characters. I am currently ripping my hair out trying to download TheKing’s Man. Normally I would not read eBooks, but I saw the name Garzik and now the read is a must!

    I was wondering when KRK4 is due? I read late 2013(quite to long time in my opinion!) and was wondering if a month is decided?
    And if there is any chance for some teasers regarding KRK4?

    Best Regards
    New devoted reader!

    • admin

      Hi Murre123 (is that short for Murray?),

      Glad you enjoyed KRK. I’m neck deep in KRK 4 right now. Solaris haven’t given me a month for publication, all I know is end of 2013.

      Are you having trouble downloading The King’s Man?

      Cheers, R

      • Leogryf King!

        A randomly given nickname for Marius:) I see you are from brisbane aswell, just spent 6months there, just fyi.

        Cheers for response! I will be the first norwegian ordering your book the second it is available! Can’t wait to see what happens with all the love birds(pica pairs to be?)!

        I think it is just my knowledge on technology giving me a hard time downloading The King’s Man! Wich I also cannot wait to read! I must admit I was rather sad when I was on the last 50pages or soo of The Usurper and Garzik still had not made a heroic entry!:)

        Best Regards Norwegian fan numero uno!

        • admin

          What were you doing in Brisbane, Marius?

          If you look at the dedication in the front of The King’s Man you’ll see why I had to write Garzik’s story.

  12. Leogryf King!

    I was studying culture:) Tho I did not find krk until I visited a random small bookstore in Bali:p

    haha, I guess I owe your friend one!

    • admin

      We worked together and she said, But Garzik can’t be dead. And I realised he wasn’t. 🙂

      Brisbane is a long way to come to study culture.

  13. Leogryf King!

    I agree! Garzik was really cool character! I liked how he and Piro went together!

    Long way from home, wich i really loved:) Don’t know if you have ever been in the northlands, but in winter I’m used to -30C soo 25+C is a good change:)

  14. Laura

    I am currently reading Besieged, but am getting all turned around with the types of people, and their abilities. There is no index at the back of the book to fully explain! Why not, and where can I find such explanations???? It is confusing!
    Love the book so far though!

    • admin

      Hi Laura,

      There’s the people without gift.

      There’s half-bloods, who have an Affinity for the gifts.

      Then there’s the T’En, who have the gifts.

      The females have stronger gifts than the males, which is why the men resent them.

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers, Rowena

  15. Alpha

    When will the Fall of Fair Isle Trilogy be released? I can only find the older versions on Amazon.

    • admin

      Hi Alphawulf,
      As soon as I return the edits on KRK 4, I can concentrate on cleaning up the original trilogy and formatting it. Wish I didn’t have to sleep!
      Cheers, Rowena

  16. Craig Herndon II

    Hello, Ms. Daniells.
    Just thought I’d stop by and tell you that your cliff-hanger ending to ‘Sanctuary’ has my panties all in a twist. I hope that you very near finished, or at least working on, a fourth book. That would make my wildest dreams come true.

    I saw that there were other books mentioned similar to the series (The Broken Vow/The Last T’en). I can tell that they are related, what with the T’enuath and Imoshen’s name being dropped. Can you tell me whether or not they are meant to be the prequels, or if Besieged, Exile and Sanctuary are meant to be the prequels? I’m dying to know!


    • admin

      Hi Craig,

      Glad to hear the OC had your panties in a twist!

      The Fall of Fair Isle is set 600 years later, so it is stand-alone in the sense that you don’t have to have read the OC to read this trilogy. I am currently cleaning it up to re-publish as I have the rights back.

      I’m also madly finishing the edit on book 4 of King Rolen’s Kin, which would be out in December.

      Cheers, R

  17. Ryan Pattenaude

    love King Breaker so far but wondering if the story can really be almost done. I really like the secret love between Fyn and Isolt and Byren and Florin and Piro and Sirodin its really intense but i wish i could delve deeper into Piro’s life after the story like if she marries and has children of her own. she is really a awesome character. i also have read and own all of Outcast Chronicles and absolutely love the way you write you add that powerful romantic air to the action flawlessly and i look forward to hearing if you plan to write more books of a similar manner.

    • admin

      Lovely to hear from you, Ryan. TI have plans for Piro and for Garzik. The challenge is finding the time to write.



  18. Ryan Pattenaude

    Wonderful, thank you i must say you are an amazing author and i hope you continue writing you have a real talent

  19. Ryan Pattenaude

    upon finishing King Breaker i have a new set of questions. will Piro marry sirordun? and do fyn and isolt ever have kids? all four are great characters and i am interested to hear how it plays out.

    • Hi Ryan,

      I have plans for stories for these characters. I don’t know exactly what will happen to them until I sit down to write. The characters and I get swept along and sometimes I can’t write fast enough to keep up.

      So, to answer your question, we will just have to wait and see. :->


  20. Ryan Pattenaude

    please dont kill them lol they especially after what happened on pages 690-694 of King Breaker

  21. Ryan Pattenaude

    ive only had the book a couple of days and i stopped when i got to about 500 pages realizing that i was almost done with the book and was like “Nooooooooo!” then i decided i couldnt not finish the book and finished reading about two hours ago and now im upset with myself for finishing it.

  22. Ryan Pattenaude

    mother always said i was a nice boy father told me i read too much. now i have a book hunger of about 4000 pages a week and somehow i always find a way to go through all of you books in three days leaving me time to read them again so far i have read each one five times except King Breaker cause i just finished that yesterday and Fall of Fair Isle cause i didnt know it existed till i found this website now im gonna go find them and read them cover to cover five times. best part is i visualize whats going on in the book so i see it as a movie and that helps me remember and recall on cue like fyns escape from the halcyon abbey while it was under siege was quite vivid in my mind a big glowing stone called halcyons heart in the center and surrounding it were the dead monks of old some covered completely and some not there yet with pathways down each row and central paths to the heart itself and the secret door in the wall of the chamber that fyn found and then piro found during her imprisonment down in halcyons heart where the only female allowed was the abbess. i picture each character isolt i see as a dainty blond or brunett with fair skin and a slender face but intelligent eyes that hold a deep set of emotons of all kinds. im guessing this all sounds kinda crazy but i wouldnt want to read a book any other way it brings incredible meaning when you see something while you read it.

    • admin

      Wow, Ryan. You really are a book-aholic!

      As for Fall of Fair Isle, the original trilogy is out of print and hard to get. I’m going to make an announcement soon regarding the reprint.

  23. Ryan Pattenaude

    ok cool

  24. Sarah

    Just finished KRK 4 (I couldn’t put it down!) and I cannot wait to read more… All the characters have me hooked but I really have a soft spot for Tyro. Reading the previous posts I’m so glad you have plans to write more… Wish I didn’t have to wait though! 😉

  25. Russell Watt

    Hi Rowena,

    In 2013, you came to a writers convention in Brisbane that was hosted by Gillian Lloyd of the Night Writers Group out of Mt Ommaney. You very kindly gave me a copy of The KRK1 to take home and read. I know I started reading it on my trip home, and I probably finished it within a couple of days. I throughly enjoyed the book, and plan to get the others in the series.

    Kind regards,

  26. Brennan Healey

    How did Byren not end up with Florin? You let Fyn be happy but Byren who tried to do nothing but good gets screwed!

    • admin

      Hi Brennan,

      I know. It’s not fair. He had a chance to make a choice. He could have slipped away into the hills with Florin and lived out his life as a mountain man. But he chose to do his duty, power and the throne and that meant making compromises. Poor Byren.


  27. Nicholle

    Hi Rowena,

    I loved the Outcast chronicles! Absolutely wonderful- I finished them all in a week! I was wondering if you have a release date in mind for the fourth book (if there is going to be a fourth book) of the storyline for the Outcast chronicles and if there was a release date for the original series about the T’Enatuath?

    Thank you for your wonderful work!

    • admin

      Hi Nicholle,

      Lovely to hear from you. Solaris will be releasing my original trilogy as an omnibus in 2015.

      I do have plans for more books in the OC series. At the moment I’m working on a secret project, which I’d like to get settled. It’s very hard to live in the real world, as well as a completely different invented world, peopled with a cast of characters, and then another completely different world with more characters. So I try to work on one project at a time.

      Once again, thanks for contacting me.


  28. James

    Hi, just finished reading King Breaker and I wanted to say well done! You took what was a great story and with the same swiftness you suddenly end your books, you crushed it into the ground. Never have I been less satisfied with an ending. If your going to leave us with a horrible ending why not leave Cobalt alive and in charge and kill everyone els off.? Isolte can have a normal life after bonding with Loyalty but Piro cant?!?!? And Byren falls for that shit without a question? Orrie and Florin just live happily ever after with the basterd child and Byren in all his right doing just ignores that his kid is at Dovecoat while he marries the ugly old sister? To keep an alliance with a man who lied to him twice and is fighting an uprising?!?! Wtf? Thats all I can really say is wtf?

    • admin

      Hi James,

      Do you remember in book one when Byren says he doesn’t want to be king because you never know if the woman in your bed really loves you? Power comes at a price. Byren had a choice in the mountains. He could have walked away with Florin and lived a quiet life, but he chose to reclaim the throne. He had to accept the Snow-Bridge princess because he needed the men her father had supplied to retake the throne. Every decision we make has ramifications.

      Does Isolde have a normal life? We haven’t seen enough of it to know and we have been told that Piro won’t be able to. Will Florin and Orrade be happy? Can Byren ignore his child? Can Byren bring himself to make love to his new wife? Will he regret the choice he made in the mountains?

      Is the throne worth the sacrifice? What do you think?

      Cheers, Rowena

  29. gloria

    Ms Daniels, you are going to think this is an uncommonly horrible question but I’m stumped and I’m turning to you for help. I have done due diligence with searches on umpteen websites etc and can’t find what I’m looking for. Or maybe you are what I’m looking for. Here goes; in the 90’s I read a series of books that take place in medieval “England”. They were classified sci-fi and they were fantastic. They had portal travel, kings, warriors and wizards and “priests”. I believe in the beginning of the series there was a brother and sister and further into the series there was a powerful woman wizard. Written by a woman I think. Are you that woman? If not, do you recognize any of this and can you tell me who the author is. Any help is appreciated from you or your readers. Thanks so much

    • admin

      Hi Gloria,
      Sounds like an interesting premise for a story. Sorry that wasn’t me. If you put the question out far enough someone is going to recognise the book series. Have you tried Good Reads? There are fantasy and SF groups who specialise in these areas and they have a very broad knowledge of the genre.
      Best of luck finding the author.
      Cheers, Rowena

  30. Joanna

    Hi Rowena,
    I just discovered and am highly interested in reading your Outcast Chronicles. Though, I was wondering… is it better to read The Fall of the Fair Isles before them since they were written first?

    • admin

      Hi Joanna,

      Good question. Luckily the stories are set so far apart that you can read them out of order and it won’t feel like you are missing out on anything.

      Cheers, Rowena

  31. Rashid

    Hello Rowena,
    I just finished reading Sanctuary and I have to say, you are an amazing author. I have honestly never read a book series as breath taking as the Outcast Chronicles. Your attention to detail leaves me day dreaming about the Celestial City or the danger in the empyrean plane. With this aside, I also love the fact that when it comes to the T’Enatuath, you give the power to the women, truly inspiring.

    p.s. Are you planing on writing a 4th book? If not, what was Sorne’s vision at the end of Sanctuary?

    • admin

      Hi Rashid. Blush, you say such lovely things.
      I do plan to write more in this series. The challenge has been to find time.
      Thank you, Rowena

    • admin

      Hi Rashid, so glad you enjoyed the OC. I became completely immersed in the world when I was writing the trilogy. I do hope to get back to these characters. Fingers crossed

  32. Marli

    Hey Mrs Daniells,

    I am writing from South Africa. I would just like to say I love your outcast chronicles. I bought them Three years ago and read them this year because I have million of books I am reading at the same time. I loved it so much and when I got to the end of Sanctuary and it stopped as a cliff hanger, I was like no there must be more. That is when I started researching the rest of your books and discovered Fall of Fair Isles my copy came to days ago. I can’t wait to read it. I work in a book shop and I don’t have time to read anymore. After Fair Isles I want to start on King Rolen’s kin. I enjoy the way you write your outcast chronicles took me two weeks to read. Thank you for expading my love of fantasy.

    • admin

      Hi Marli, lovely to hear from you and so glad you enjoyed the OC. I hope to get back to these characters. Hope you enjoy the Fall of Fair Isle and King Rolen’s King. I used to work in a bookshop so I know how tempting it is to be surrounded by books all the time. Cheers Rowena

  33. Dion Cassidy

    Hi Ms Daniells,

    I absolutely adore your books. A few questions if you don’t mind will there be more KRK books?

    In regards to the Outcast series, you stopped at an amazing point. Please say you will be continuing and we will continue to follow them right up to fair isle? But where did the T’En originally come from? was there another people before them?

    Are there any stories between T’Imoshen from Outcast and T’Imoshen from Fair Isle? I would love to learn more about people like The Aayal.

    Pretty please don’t leave us in suspense.


    • admin

      Hi Dion,

      Lovely to hear from you. So glad you enjoyed KRK and the OC. I have some more books in the OC roughly drafted out and another book in the the KRK series. There is a story in the T’En world in Legends 2, the anthology in honour of David Gemmell.

      Thanks for dropping by. Cheers, Rowena

  34. Graham Southwood

    Hello Rowena,
    I just finished Fall of Fair Isles , I loved the books, What should I read next, is there a reading order? I can’t wait 🙂

    Thanks for all your hard work


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