Gosh, look what happened while I was scrambling to meet a deadline!

Call me unworldly, call me out of touch, or perhaps more accurate, call me over-worked…

But I didn’t realise The Outcast Chronicles was on the Long List for the Gemmell Legend Award. Many thanks to Nerdalicious for the heads-up.

It’s wonderful to see so many of my fellow Aussie authors on the long list. The Gemmell Legend Award is the ‘Reader’s Choice’ award for their favourite fantasy book of 2012/2013. It’s an honour to find my books on a list with these great authors. Having a bit of a Big Girl Squee here.

3covers72dpi copy

So if you enjoyed my trilogy please drop by and vote. (voting closes July 31st). Since all three books are on the list I’m not sure if they add up the votes for all three of my books or if the individual books of the trilogy are competing with each other. At any rate, I voted for Besieged.

At this point I’d like to thank the readers who voted for Clint Langley’s wonderful covers, which are  on the long list for the Ravenheart (fantasy cover) Award.

All very exciting. Now back to editing KRK 4 for Solaris!


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8 Responses to Gosh, look what happened while I was scrambling to meet a deadline!

  1. Congratulations Rowena. It is well deserved and I have no problem with you taking up writing full-time … now that I have finished Uni 🙂

  2. Voted on both. Art work on the covers, Art work on the inside. It’s only right that you both should get kudos.

  3. Jade Campbell

    Hi Rowena, voted for you , – found where to go lol…
    Can you enlighten me why it is so hard now to review Amazon ebooks, i have downloaded a few visionary members ebooks and every time I try to do a review I get a message stating I cant because it is a free ebook – huh? i thought that was the point of the 5 day free trial was to get reviews from the free period – makes me cranky . i want to support the members, but can’t seem to do it .

    • admin

      Thanks for the support, Jade.

      There was a kerfuffle (that’s a technical term :->) in the last year or so about fake reviews. One writer reviewed competing writers’ books negatively. Then more fake reviewing practices were uncovered, so Amazon tightened up the review procedures.

  4. LOL Rowena glad to be of help! Good luck

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