Cover Squeee!

Last weekend I was at the National SF Conference, Conflux, on a panel about covers. Today I discover Solaris have revealed the new KRK4 cover. Tada…



With Piro in centre (she must be standing on a box) and Byren and Fyn in the background, Clint Langley has once again done a brilliant job. Thank you Clint and thank you Solaris!


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12 Responses to Cover Squeee!

  1. Fantastic cover! Once again you have been blessed. You have such gorgeous covers. The details and the tones *drool*.

  2. seantheblogonaut

    She’s cresting a small rise 😀

  3. admin

    LOL, yes she must be on the peak and her brothers are back down the slope a little.

    Thanks, guys. Solaris and Clint have outdone themselves, once again.

  4. Julie

    Love it! Am so excited about another series!

  5. It looks fantastic, Rowena! Ack, December seems so far away yet 🙂

  6. Gorgeous! Can’t wait for the rest of Byren’s story! Loved the first three books! Thanks Rowena for creating this wonderful characters and allowing us to meet them =)

  7. sarah

    Well Piro definitely looks all grown up! I can’t wait for the new book!

  8. Lindy

    now that is fabulous, Rowena

  9. Lovely cover, Rowena. I missed your earlier announcement. Good luck with the book.

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