Writers and First-world Problems

This is Sassy cat, who lives up to her name. It’s winter here in Brisbane and my laptop is the perfect place to sleep. The moment I leave the computer to make a cup of tea, she jumps up, adds her on input to the manuscript – a string of gibberish – and makes herself comfortable. She protests when I remove her.

What would writers do without cats?


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  1. seantheblogonaut

    Me I’d have $2000 in my pocket without our lovable bundles of joy. But seriously that’s a cute cat.

  2. She’s beautiful! What breed is she? (I’ve been living sans cat for over three years now. I think it’s finally starting to kill me.)

  3. There are days when my Bailey’s gibberish reads better than my manuscript πŸ™ And he is a harsh critic, always with a look that says ‘you need to edit’. The dogs on the other hand will wag their tails at my worst efforts πŸ™‚

    • Hello Yellow Lancer (I wandered all over your blog and couldn’t find your bio)
      Dogs are much easier to please. And they will sleep on your feet and keep them warm, where as cats think they have right to your lap and then you can’t get near the keyboard.

  4. Zena Shapter

    I just wanna sneak my cold fingers under her and see if I can type – that way I’d get warm hands, and she’d get to stay put (of course, judging by the chill in my fingers, I don’t think she’d stay put for long)!

  5. Zena: OMG, YES! I was gazing at my heater with longing today! But but but…it was really HOT, just last week! None of the deciduous trees in my garden have lost their leaves yet!

    (My cat is really old and pees everywhere. She’s not allowed inside. But as I recall she had a distinct preference for sitting on face > sitting on feet).

    (Yes, this is the same cat I forced into a Darth Vader costume for Best Fannish Cat, if you recall that conversation on Saturday. Here she is: http://www.thoraiyadyer.com/indexSept10.html )

    (Rowena, were you too busy actually being productive to come to the Aurealis Awards?)

    (I think this is probably enough irrelevant stuff in parentheses.)

    • Thoraiya, I have been ridiculously busy. And just when I think I have done the impossible and gotten on top of things something new turns up that I have to deal with. Wonder Woman has nothing on me!

  6. I just saw this and thought of you, Rowena – scroll down to the laptop section!


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