You know you’ve made it when …

You know you’ve made it when your books get sold in a boxed set, so you can imagine my excitement when I opened an email from my publisher that said King Rolen’s Kin Bundle, with this beautiful graphic!


It was only on closer reading that I realised they meant an E-Book Bundle.

So if you are into E-Books and you think $14.67 for the trilogy is a good price. Here’s the link.

And maybe one day, they’ll do a boxed set of my books. <grin>



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  1. Is it only the reader store? Coz I think even for moi ho uses a Sony, its us only. Checking amazon and kobo now 🙂

  2. I did a cursory look around for it. Like like its only available as a bundle to US and Canada. But still good news.

    • Thanks for bringing this up, Sean. I didn’t think there was such a thing as regions for e-books. Seems like a contradiction. I’ll bring it up with my publishers.

      • Seeing as its already an epub ( i think) should be able to get it to the kobo platform rather easily.

        I think the Sony reader site only has permission to sell it in the US. My reader software defaults to a Borders Au page when I try and buy it.

  3. Cindy

    I’m from Germany and I was glad to found these trilogy! It was just awesome. My favourite characters are Orrade and Tyro (<3 I know he would be the mage, but I didn't expect him Dustany. Although I liked him too!). It's sad, that Byren isn't a lover of man (although Orrade would be such a good match *lol*).

    But I loved the story, I could hardly stop reading. Piro and Fyn made a huge development I didn't expect and you showed very clearly the cruality of war. Politics, power, intrigues… It was so much and you wrote that very well.
    I can't wait for the next triology!

    • Hi Cindy,

      Thanks for dropping by the blog. Lovely to hear from you.

      Orrade is one of my favourite characters, too. I didn’t know Tyro was the Mage until Piro climbed up the tower and discovered him there. LOL. Characters can be tricky some times. I’m up to page 252 of the second trilogy!

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