Doing the Happy Dance!

Have you ever had a day where you left home on a 7am train, worked flat out all day, got home by 7pm exhausted and drained,  and then opened your email and found this:

The King’s Bastard has gone into its 4th reprint!

No wonder I’m doing the happy dance. For those of you who might be wondering here are the KRK  covers and for more info on the trilogy see King Rolen’s Kin.

Available in paperback and kindle from Amazon and all good bookstores.

(If you live in Australia you need to go to a specialist bookstore or order it in. But then we all want to support specialist bookstores, don’t we? Makes us feel virtuous).

I’d like to send a really big thank you to the readers who’ve enjoyed KRK and told their friends. I get emails every week from people asking where KRK book 4 is or where the next KRK trilogy is. I’m in the throes of writing the new trilogy right now. Just wish I could give up the day job to concentrate on it, but then all writers feel that way.

And if that wasn’t enough there’ve been some very nice comments on the covers for The Outcast Chronicles (here, many thanks to Magemanda!). Kudos must go to Solaris for choosing Clint Langley as the artist for both these trilogies and to Clint for the amazing work he’s done.

And here they are:

All in all, this was a very nice surprise to come home to!


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21 Responses to Doing the Happy Dance!

  1. 4th reprint? Sounds exciting. 😉

  2. Rowena, that’s so wonderful! You deserve this success after working so hard for so long. Wheeee!

  3. Any chance you will get a local publisher? Seems odd that you are doing really well overseas.

    • What my books need is distribution in Australia. At the moment bookstores have to know about the books to order them in. But they are available on line, so if anyone is interested, they can find KRK.

  4. Congratulations Rowena! That is fantastic news *happy dag dance*

  5. Lizzy

    Congrats Rowena. When I get time I’m going to have to read that trilogy. But I cannot wait for the outcasts chronicles!

    And for anyone looking for the KRK trilogy, you can always ask your local book store for it. We love ordering books in for people 🙂

    • Thanks Lizzy.

      And which bookstore do you work for again? Let’s give your shop a plug!

      • Lizzy

        I work for my local Collins Booksellers, we’re also an ABC centre, and we love getting special orders!
        Brings in some new stock, and it’s great when we can get a wider scope of what to read.

    • LOL, Lizzy. Where is local for you? Sydney? What suburb?

      (I do this on Twitter, then realise that someone I’m chatting to is in the UK).

      Can’t give your bookshop a plug if people don’t know where to find it. Support your local bookstore, I say!

  6. Nicky

    Finally catching up in google reader to find this wonderful blog post! Congratulations Rowena!! So very happy for you and a most well deserved thing to occur. Wishing you many more reprints to come!

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