Sharing my Pretties!

Here is my new blog banner for The Outcast Chronicles, taken from one of the covers. You can see why I’m excited. Clint Langley has outdone himself!

To see it in all its glory go here.


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8 Responses to Sharing my Pretties!

  1. Mary Preston


  2. Eeeee! I am so excited these books finally see the light of day, Rowena. This only makes it more real. What gorgeous art!

    • I’m just waiting for the publishers to put the text on the artwork so I can show the world. The cover artist has really captured the flavour of the books.

      By the way, I really enjoyed The Shattered City. When does the next book come out?

  3. WOW!!! Such prettiness.
    How many times have you done the happy dag dance lately Rowena?
    Bet it’s at least a few times a day.

    • Ooh, Belinda. I love your typo. ‘Happy Dag Dance!’

      Here in Australia a ‘dag’ is an unfashionable person, but more than that, it’s someone who doesn’t care, someone who embraces their eccentricity!

      So I’m Ok with doing the Happy Dag Dance!

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