Drive-by Supanova Post

Here I am, back from Supanova and I want to say a big thank you to the team of volunteers. First of all sending hugs to  the Superwomen of Supanova. Missy, Felicity, Nicole and Skye!

Marianne and I at the Dymocks Table

A big thank you to Sandra, Ineke and Claire who ‘womaned’ the Dymocks store.  And while I’m at it, I must say how great it was to catch up with fellow authors, Trent Jamieson, Jennifer Fallon, Trudi Canavan, Isobelle Carmody, Marianne de Pierres and Robin Hobb. Always a pleasure to spend time with!

The costumes are absolutely amazing. So much effort and the tone of the event is so friendly. At one point a huge conga line passed by with everyone dancing and laughing.

A big hello to Caroline and the team who put together the costumes from NINE. Thank you for the cute little No: 5 I was given.

Had so much fun catching up with readers, watching costumes and chatting to friends!


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6 Responses to Drive-by Supanova Post

  1. Mary Preston

    The costumes shown are indeed amazing.

  2. The whole event was amazing, Mary. Have you been to supanova?

  3. Meaghan

    My dad asked you if your books were suitable for a 13 yr old and you wrote in the cover of ‘The kings bastard’ “To Meaghan, i hope you enjoy Piro”. I have shown it to all of my friends and just today finished reading the kings bastard. I have loved every page and thrived on your exhilarating ideas and concepts. At first i thought it was hard to understand (affinity, still not sure?) but once i stuck to it raced through. I’m really glad my dad bought me all the books because now i can just continue like a speeding bullet. Thank you so much for the door to a new world that i love. I really do like Piro but my favorite character is Fyn.

    • Hi Meaghan,

      So glad you enjoyed The King’s Bastard! I thought you’d like Piro because she was your age. But Fyn is a special person, too. It’s hard being a sensitive male in any society, let alone a feudal society.

      Affinity – to me it is having an affinity with power, so they can sense it and manipulate it. It’s another wya of saying magic, without using a word that gets over used.

      Thanks for commenting. It made my day!

      • Meaghan

        Thank you, as well. Now reading the second book, very fast paced, glad i now know the ‘definition’ of affinity.

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