King Rolen’s Kin Book 4

I’d like to thank all the people who’ve contacted me about the fourth book in the Chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin. A writer spends years developing the world of a series. They dedicate themselves to the characters. They devote themselves to the plot. And then they send their books out into the world, hoping someone will get as much of a buzz from the stories as they do.

It makes my day, when readers come looking for KRK 4.

The good news is that I have heaps of ideas for another three books. The bad news for KRK readers is that I have to hand in a new fantasy series – The Outcast Chronicles –  before I can tackle the new KRK books.

But once I have handed the new series in to my publisher, I’ll be free to take a journey to Rolencia and find out what happens to Byren, Piro and Fyn.


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  1. Francisco

    I actually just finished the usurper… I’ve read all three books in one go…
    loved the books…

    I’ll be patiently waiting for the next one…

    friendly greeting, Francisco

  2. Kristine

    I have to say I love reading series, I really enjoy the exploration and in-depth feelings only a series can give you. I read all 3 within 4 days. If that doesn’t tell you how much I enjoyed them then I don’t know what would. Ill be very excited for KRK 4’s arrival and ill pass the time taking a peek at your next series. Thank You for creating such enjoyable books.

  3. Cliff Pinnock

    Hmmmm….I should have read this sooner….ah me!

  4. Ada

    The KRK books are amazing!!!
    I couldn’t put the books down
    the characters are so much fun to read about
    with every page it made me crave more ahaha…which is terrible since I’m in the mist of my exams so it really shows how sinfully addictive these books are!

    THANK you so much for bring us a new world to discover and play in.
    Will be waiting impatiently for you next book!

    • Thanks for your kind words!

      Ada, I woke up the other morning with a whole pile of ideas for the new KRK trilogy.

      Just have to hand in my current trilogy, then I can start on it. It’ll be like catching up with old friends!

  5. Chris

    No no no! I NEED to know what happens next! =(
    Don’t forget lots of good expansion on Orrie in the next books. I get he’s not a main character but he’s my favorite. Mostly cause I resonate with him- lover of men who loves his best friend. >_<
    Loved the books. Is there a mailing list or something for when your next books (KRK and Outcast) get released?

  6. Jason

    Just finished the 3 books… I loved them so much, I can’t believe how attached I became. I last 10 pages of book 3 gave me chills. I cannot wait for the next trilogy!

  7. Victoria

    Just noticing this now… ah yeaaaaaaah. o/ I’ve grown quite attached to all the characters in your series. I could probably read about them until they all grow old and senile.

  8. Alyssa

    Oh im so exicted to hear that you have 3 more in planning. This makes my day. I Fell in LOVE with Byren and was on edge hoping nothing was to happen to him.I Got scared everytime something did happen to him. I was sad when I finished the last book. But now I know there will be more, im so exicited. I cant wait to hear more about Byren [and eveyrone else]

    • You’ve made my day, Alyssa.

      I’ll be starting on the new KRK trilogy very soon. Can’t promise to be kind to Byren. In fact, I think I might really test him!

      • Alyssa

        I don’t mind if Byren gets tested, it will help build his character, but I think I would die a little if something terrible happened to him.
        Can’t wait to see what happens to that evil cousin Cobalt of his though, hope he gets what he deserves.
        Im super excited for the new Trilogy!

    • Got some surprises up my sleeve for this new trilogy!

  9. stephen Binks

    you have been an inspiration to me, i absolutely love the KRK books, I have tried to write stories of my own but cant find the time, being an amazing writer Yourself do you have any tips to help me?
    plus i cant wait for the 4th book to come out, I’m definitely going to buy your new series and carry on reading the rest of the KRK.

    • Stephen,

      I have 6 children (5 still at home) I work as a UNI lecturer, we’re renovating our house … if I can find time to write, anyone can. It’s the writing that keeps me sane.

      The story has to keep pulling me back, if it does that, then its going to do the same for the reader. Good luck with your writing!

  10. Sarah S

    I just have to say that it has been a long time since I found a series I couldn’t put down and as soon as I finished it- I had to talk about it with everyone I knew. I already have several friends in my book club turned on to the series as well. I’m surprized at how much I loved Piro and her interaction with Agent Tyro. You really see her growth throughout the books from a silly girl not wanting to be left behind to a player in this game. I just LOVE this series and really hope your finish the next 3 quickly….should I even hope beyond hope that we might see a 2012 release?!?!?!? Hey a girl can dream right!

    • Hi Sarah S,

      Piro is one of my fave characters, too. I’m really looking forward to getting back into the KRK world.

      Thanks for commenting. You’ve made my day, especially when I have to go mark first year UNI essays. LOL!

  11. Kaia

    Just finished the third book, and that is not an ending there has to be another book because there is so much left undone, it needs to be decided who marries who, how/if Byren reclaims Rolencia, and what happens to Piro and all the other characters, the main villain from the start of the series is still at large and I’m told the series is over?

  12. Joy

    Hi Ms Daniells! I love the KRK series and can’t wait for the next 3 books to come out. I have a quick question though. When Fyn sees the agent on the staircase as he prepares to leave and save Byren from Palatine. Tyro says something along the lines of “You can’t take her with you.” Does Tryo mean Piro or Isolt?

  13. Robert

    Rowena, i have to say that you have dabbled with the fantasy genre, smashed in some new spices, and created a beautiful remedy to my fantasy crave :).
    I read The King’s Bastard and i needed more, however it was a few weeks til i got my hands on the latest two books. I have read them both in a manner of 3 days.
    I have to say i am hoping for more of an expansion on Orrade and i fell in love with the character of Tyro. I got swept up in the world of Rolencia, and i do NOT want to leave. I am going to be sitting by waiting for the next couple books. I hope they are as great as the first 3 🙂

    • Awww, Rob. You’ve made my day. Am battling ‘flu, overloaded at work and came home to the kitchen being pulled apart before we knock out a wall and re-do it.

      I’ve done a page for the new KRK trilogy. You cna see it up the top there. KRK trilogy two.

      Now all I need is for the world to leave me alone so I can write!

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  15. Azure

    Thank you for your books. I started reading book 1 on Friday night and haven’t put the books down all weekend, it’s been a lovely rainy weekend here in Sydney, perfect reading weather. Just finishing book 3 now on Sunday night and already looking up to see about the next one : ) love all your characters, especially Byren. I can’t wait until the next books come out.

  16. Aisha

    Absolutely love the series!! I was in England on holiday and wanted something to read so i picked up the first one and finished it in about two days! I loved it so much that i ran back to the book store as soon as possible and bought the next two. I finished the second book yesterday and the third today. I cannot wait till the fourth book, thank you for an amazing series! (Just quietly i adore Orrie and hope that he finds someone in future books… -I know that he has Byren but sadly i don’t think that pairing will ever become, though that kiss did give me momentary hope- 😀 )

    Happily, your faithful -and hopeful- reader!

  17. Connor Butler

    I must admit I read a lot. I’ve read across most genre’s and have read The Wheel of Time series and the Belgariad as well as many other fantastic pieces. The KRK series is right up there with them. It’s captivating and at the end of The Usurper I was desperate for more.

  18. Sam

    Wow, I’ve never read books this fast in my life. I loved this trilogy so much, kept me awake all nights dying to know what happened next. Can’t wait to hear more about all your charismatic characters especially Piro, and her mysterious Affinity !
    Thank you !!!

  19. Drew

    I would like to say that I just finished the last of the KRK books out at the moment, and I am terribly Excited and happy that I picked your book up on a whim. I Absolutely loved the series and I plan on reading much more of your work.

    I also cannot wait for the next book in the KRK series!

    You are an incredible writer,

  20. john

    Had I known it was all going to end like that I wouldn’t have picked up that first book. What a HORRIBLE way to end the series! I almost want to ask for my money back! I hope you’re happy with the travesty you created and spoiled the world with!

  21. David

    It’s great to find a fantasy series with textured emotions (not just boy meets girl; boy saves girl, boy marries girl to rule the kingdom justly clichés), original otherworldly creatures that have a true purpose for their existence and are not used just as a tapestry, and have real consequences to power plays in a royal setting. Good luck with your new project, but please don’t put KRK on the back burner for too long.

  22. Daniel

    After finishing GRRM AGOT I was frantically searching for a replacement “series” to get my fix.. I can Say I have not been disappointed… Fantastic series so far… Over the Last month Rolencia, and Ostron Isle have become my second home.

    I am just wrapping up book three myself and have been dragging the last few chapters out in anticipation of the cliff hanger ending. -_-. by dragging out I mean “the Usurper” has taking me longer than the first two books (a week each ) to read.

    Pirola is by far my favorite. Herself, and Florin have such strong will, and character. reminds me of my own sisters.

    I hope the world of the twin isles is expanded in the upcoming series. the possibility of an unknown outside force coming to the aid of Rolencia keeps me up at night.

    I came her looking for Book Four, but am leaving with anticipation of reading the ” Outcast Chronicles ” …

    Keep up the great Work Rowena.

  23. Rob

    Just finished The Usurper last night, absolutely loved all three books! Can’t wait for the fourth, keep up the good work!

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