Opportunity for Writers

For all the aspiring writers out there, the Scribe Fiction Prize has come around again. The prize money this year is $15,000.

‘Last year’s winner, A Darker Music by Maris Morton, will be in bookstores everywhere this October. The other shortlisted manuscripts (Meg Mundell’s Black Glass and Jane Sullivan’s Little People) will also be released by Scribe in 2011.’


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  1. Hello!

    Thank you for posting this contest! I will entering it as soon as I can. I also posted it on my facebook page to let others know about it. The KRK trilogy is amazing, I read all three books in one sitting practically! I was wondering if you have plans to write another KRK trilogy?

    • Regine, I think you have to be an Australian citizen to enter the Scribe Fiction Prize.

      Glad you enjoyed the KRK trilogy. That’s what we writers like to hear.

      I have plans for another 3 books in the KRK series, just have to knuckle down and write them after I hand in the new fantasy series to my publishers.

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