Drop by and say Hi

On Saturday the 28th of August, I’m going to be at Logan North Library so drop by and say Hi.

I’ll be with the romantic by cynical Trent Jamieson, author of Death Most Definite, the pocket rocket Kylie Chan, author of the Dark Heaven series, the lovely Louise Cusack author and mentor, and Anthony Puttee author of the Johnny Marsh books.

We’ll be talking about promoting your books and this is all part of Logan North Library’s month of Speculative Fiction. So you are sure to see Darth Vader and a Storm Trouper or two!


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2 Responses to Drop by and say Hi

  1. Why do I feel like I’m missing out by NOT living in Australia? 😉

  2. Jonii,

    This time I’m going to reply to you without making a single spelling mistake! LOL.

    I’ve always envied the US for its resources for fans of the genre. We have to wait 10 years for a world con to make its way down here.

    I couldn’t resist taking the photo. Didn’t realise I’d framed the library name behind them. Couldn’t have done better if I’d set it up!

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