Lovers of Dark Urban Fantasy …

For those of you who like Dark Urban Fantasy, here is a review of Trent Jamieson’s book. Death Most Definite. They say:

‘The fascinating central premise of Death as a corporate interest is handled in a serious and frighteningly credible manner, allowing for some engrossing and inventive world-building on the author’s part; the twist-laden plot belts along at breathtaking pace from page one (‘unputdownable’ is a fair description)’

Naturally, I’m delighted with this. I got to read Trent’s book in the final draft at ROR in March 2009 when we stayed in Maleny. Lots of delicious cooking, thanks to Dirk Flinthart, lots of wine and lots of talk about the craft of writing, while analysing my friends’ wonderful books. What could be better?

And here is the bookplate I designed for Trent. Look out for book one of his Death Works trilogy in the bookstores in August.

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  1. Trent Jamieson

    Thanks, Rowena.

    I can’t believe all the lovely things people are saying about my book.

    The last ROR was wonderful. Very much looking forward to the next one!

    And thanks again for the Bookplates!

    Now, just need to finish bk 3!


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